About EllaRose

Hello/Kia Ora, I'm Ella Rose Shnapp. I'm passionate about our Earth, how we care for it and the people and creatures we share it with.

Facilitator & Mentor

I work with a not-for-profit called Gecko Trust. Gecko's vision is 'people healing nature healing people', we work with communities to help them work together across the landscape to regenerate their environment. We facilitate, mentor, broker and give technical and strategic advice. We believe it takes the whole of the community to work across the whole of the landscape and there's a role for everyone.

I love working with children, teaching and learning with them. I'm an environmental educator, working with kids and schools to facilitate learning experiences. Currently, I'm working with schools and their students to explore, understand and do, together we're rebuilding the rainforests of Aotearoa in parks. We are learning to care for our place and that we have a role to play in this big world.

I facilitate the Bee School with For the Love of Bees, teaching people month by month a 'bees before profit' way to keep bees and the environment they live.

Creator & Maker

I'm a film photographer - exploring people/nature boundaries. A book binder - sewing together platforms for my thoughts, images and yours too. A printmaker & illustrator - laying down the truths as I know them. A builder - of things occasionally when I'm inspired.

Grower & Beekeeper

A vege growing, seed saving, seed raising, eco-sourcing, soil restoring, carbon sequestering, nutrient dense, organic grower of true food and flowers. &. A caring, listening, frequency conscious, never taking too much, bees before profit keeper of bees.



  • BSci Hons Geography, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

  • Permaculture Design Certificate, Panya Project, Thailand.

  • Permaculture in Outdoor Classrooms Certificate, Permaculture Scotland, Scotland.

  • Cycle Ride Leader Certificate, Cycling Scotland, Scotland.

  • Advanced Community Based Social Marketing Certificate, Doug MacKenzie Mohr, New Zealand.

  • 1st Aid Certificate, Saint Johns, New Zealand.

  • Music Programming, Forth Valley College, Scotland.